pageTonight Eurovision lovers will come together with four more songs for Eurovision Song Contest 2015.

The different four countries have national final and the other one Sweden has the last semi final.

Now we present the program of tonight:


Finnish national final UMK will end with great nine finalists songs.
During national final eighteen songs had fight to pass final. But only nine song reached the success.

You can watch the final of UMK via (20:00 CET)

The finalists list:
Norlan “El Misionario” – No voy a llorar por ti
Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät – Aina mun pitää
Satin Circus – Crossroads
Shava – Ostarilla
Opera Skaala – Heart of Light
Jouni Aslak – Lions and Lambs
Solju – Hold Your Colours
Järjestyshäiriö – Särkyneiden sydänten kulmilla
Angelo De Nile – All For Victory



The national final of Hungary have eight candidate songs for Vienna. After the long elemination rounds, the finalists were chosen for final.

This time for final day for both artists and Hungarian fans.
You can watch the final of A Dal 2015 in HERE.

Let’s remember the songs:
Ádám Szabó – Give Me Your Love
Boggie – Wars for Nothing
Zoltán Mujahid – Beside You
Spoon – Keep Marching On
Ív – Fire
Kati Wolf – Ne engedj el
Passed – Mesmerize
Bálint Gájer – That’s How It Goes



Moldovian broadcaster TeleRadio-Moldova has organised two semifinal before, to determine the sixteen finalist.

The finalist Hungarian artists will perform their songs on the stage again and the winner will be determined by jury and public votes.

If you wanna the final of Moldovian national final, click HERE.
(19:00 CET)

The finalist songs:
Julia Sandu – Fire
Lidia Isac – I Can’t Breathe
Miss M – Lonely Stranger
Valeria Paşa – I Can Change All My Life
Stela Boţan – Save Me
Doinita Gherman –Inima Fierbinte
Dana Markitan – Love Me
DoReDos – Maricica
Sunstroke Project & Michael Ra – Day after Day
Diana Brescan – Up and Down
Marcel Rosca – Feelings Will Never Leave
Eduard Romanyuta – I Want Your Love
Glam Girls – Magia
Serj Kuzenkoff – Danu năzdrăvanu
Mihaela Andrei – About Love
Irina Kitoroaga – I’m Gonna Get You

You can listen the all participant songs for 2015 national tour.


This year EMA have eight artist for selection. Eight songs were announced for a long time ago. The final has two part. First part, both jury and public will be able to vote. At second part only public can vote.

Participant List:
Ekran Alıntısı
You can watch the night HERE.

Sweden – Melodifestivalen (4th Semi Final)

Seven artist will race tonight at last semi final of Melodifestivalen. Two artist will be determined for final and other two will be chosen for second chance as usual.

Sanna and Robin will present the night as other nights.


Midnight Boy – Don’t Say No / for lyricsfor rehersal video


Caroline Wennergren – Black Swan / for lyricsfor rehersal                                                                                          video


JTR – Building it Up / for lyricsfor rehersal video


Hasse Andersson – Guld och gröna skogar / for lyricsfor                                                                                            rehersal video


Dinah Nah – Make Me (La La La) / for lyrics for rehersal video


Annika Herlitz – Ett andetag / for lyricsfor rehersal video


Måns Zelmerlöw – Heroes / for lyricsfor rehersal video

The last semi final of Melodifestivalen tonight  and you can watch the night HERE.