Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz have been internally selected to represent Georgia by GPB in December. Finally tonight we have learnt their song for Stockholm!

The group is known for their alternative indie-style music. Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz have sung five songs. Their songs were presented “Komunikatori” show on TV last week :

  1. Sugar And Milk
  2. Midnight Gold 
  3. Right Of Wrong
  4. Pain In My Heart
  5. Weagree

 TV viewers have voted between 4 and 15 February 2016.  The winning song was chosen by the viewing audience and an expert jury. According to results they will sing “Midnight Gold” in Stockholm for Georgia!


Georgia was placed into the second semi-final, to be held on 12 May 2016, and was scheduled to perform in the second half of the show.