10931331_1029986507017814_2458944822366416437_n (1)Aren’t you excited about how to go to heaven?

Well, looks like Croatian veteran singer Nina Badric who was the representer of Croatia in 2012 has found a way for it. So, she reveals it in “Lozinka Za Raj” with Zeljko Vasic. That means “The Password For Heaven” in Croatian.

The video begins with a tick-tocking clock among sands. And then, Zeljko starts to sing while is sitting on a chair in the middle of a big room. He shortly means that he is in an insomnia and he knows that his lover is in an insomnia as well. He preesses his teeth not to kiss her. Their love is a password for heaven and he regrets that he didn’t kiss her before. Nina regrets that as well. She says that she had also pressed her teeth not to kiss him. Both of them are trying to mean that they are saving the truth for the god and they will die from the truth while they burn the candle for the alive ones.

Zeljko Vasic & Nina Badric – Lozinka Za Raj