Few hours later we will meet with Edurne’s song “Amanecer” and after that? We write for you “Amanecer”s Agenda…Firstly you can watch premiere of “Amanecer” from RTVE.es and support to Edurne with #AmanecerconEdurne and #MiPrimerAmanece hashtags via Twitter.

March 1:
The song┬á“Amanecer” opens in RTVE.es/eurovision
Edurne talkes about the song on the official website of Eurovision in Spain.

March 2 :
The website shared reactions of fans who shared ideas with #MiPrimerAmanecer hashtag via Twitter.
That day will watch lyric video of “Amanecer”.

March 9 :
Finally we can watch videoclip of “Amanecer”.