After the voting application scandal she couldn’t make even to the Andra Chansen in 2015 with the song “I’ll Be Fine”. Then in summer she has released the song “Something Right” and now she is going to Halmstad ┬áStockholm for Andra Chansen ┬á with the song “Hunger”.

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3-Molly Petterson Hammar


Does anybody remember this heartbreaking and shocking moment from #Melfest 2015 the moment that everbody realise Dolly Style finished over “I’ll Be Fine”. She finished 6th that night. And less then 24 hours she was at the top of┬áSwedish iTunes. But she didn’t give up and she release one song named “Something Right” and she will make her second appearance at #Melfest 2016.



And she ┬ácompeted with the song “Hunger” in #Melfest 2016. And her song has written by herself┬áJoy Deb, Linnea Deb and Anton H├ąrd af Segerstad. They are the co-writer for the songs “Heroes” and “You”