Before The Arena, then Euro-village… ORF has announced the chosen place for Euroclub.

This year, Ottakringer Brauerei (Ottakringer Beerhouse) is going to host Euroclub. The factory which is in Ottakring, Vienna; will host approximately 1700 journalists and 1300 delegation members. Ottakringer Brauerei has 5 halls which are 20-700 square meters. This year, ORF especially chose a place near to the Arena. Because last year, the distance between Euroclub and the Arena was too long and fans were getting so tired after the long distance.

Euroclub is a place which looks like a night club. People use this place for getting some rest after a long day and having some fun. If we describe there, we have to describe there as: “A Special Night Club For Eurovision Fans And Delegation Members”

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