Ralph Siegel has helped to shape the German music scene for 50 years and he published critical with more than 2,000 songs.┬áHe discovered numerous artists, including Genghis Khan, Peter Alexander, Udo J├╝rgens, Katja Ebstein, Roy Black, Chris Roberts, Lena Valaitis or Nicole He has participated Eurovision song Contest 23 times. The last one was in 2015…“Siegel is one of the most notable figures at the Eurovision Song Contest, in which he has participated with 23 songs so far, the latest being the 2015 Sammarinese entry “Chain of Lights” by Michele Perniola and Anita Simoncini. In 1982, Siegel’s and Bernd Meinunger’s song “Ein bi├čchen Frieden” (A Little Peace), performed by Nicole won the Contest and became a hit in Europe.”-(Wikipedia)

His biography which is ┬á“Meine Autobiographie” appears on 8 September 2015. On September 30, Ralph Siegel celebrates his 70th birthday.┬á