Raylee and Lisa raced on to the 1st Semi Final gold duel, But Raylee is the name for the next round We will see the 22 years old Raylee in the final on February. The interval act consisted of one of the five songs pre qualified for the final performed by Sondrey.


Duel 1:

Geirmund – Come Alive

Lisa Børud -Talking About Us

Duel 2:

Kim Rysstad – Rainbow

Raylee – Wild

Gold Final:

Lisa Børud – Talking About Us

Raylee – Wild(Winner)

About Raylee:

Raylee Charlotte Kristiansen from Tromoy in Arendal. She released her first record as an 11 years old. Then she was known as the child star Lotta. The song Who Owns has been streamed over 1.2 million times on YouTube. Raylee both sings and dances. In 2008 she played the lead role in the musical Annie. In recent years, Raylee has released several songs. Her first self-written song in English, Love Me, came out in 2017. Raylee joined Stjernekamp at NRK in 2014, and in 2015 she participated in the Melodi Grand Prix with the song Louder. In 2016 she got third place in Shall we dance on TV 2.

”I want to convey acceptance that everyone is different, regardless. We must dare to be ourselves and not chase to fit in”, says Raylee.