Tonight Svt will host for second chanse. Eight acts will vie in doubles with each others. Victor four singers win take a ticket for final.

Duel 1

Andreas Weise –┬áBring Out the Fire

Linus Svenning –┬áForever Starts Today

Duel 2

Hasse Andersson –┬áGuld och gr├Âna skogar

Kristin Amparo –┬áI See You

Duel 3

Dolly Style – Hello Hi

Dinah Nah –┬áMake Me La La La

Duel 4

Behrang Miri feat. Victor Crone ┬á–┬áDet r├ąr vi inte f├Âr

Samir & Viktor –┬áGroupie

Do you want to watch? Click HERE. (20.00)