Junary does not mean only the first month of the year. It also means the start of┬á┬áthe national final season in “real meaning”. So, let’s check the national final schedule of January.

In the end of January, two countries will be revealed their ESC songs. They are Georgia and Switzerland.


Our first country is Georgia. The song of Georgia will be chosen between 5┬ásongs on 14th January. You can listen the songs by clicking here. “Warrior” of Nina Sublati has already become favourite. Two “Warrior”s in ESC?! Not a bad idea!


Swiss National Final will be held on 31th January. Although there are only twenty eight days to the contest, Swiss brodcaster hasn’t revealed the songs yet. What if the Swiss brodcaster like surprises?

And three countries will be kicked off to find their songs for Eurovision.


Lithuanian National Final kicks off on 3rd January and the final will be in Valentines’ Day! Can they destroy the taboo “Smaller a country is, the more unlucky a country is”?


Hungarian National Final “A Dal” is between 24th January – 28th January. Can they release a Kedvesem again? Or another song as quality as it? No one knows.


And our last country is on the topic as you see. It kicks of on 31th January and finishes in Valentines’ Day as well! As we know, the dream of all Eurovision fans to seeing new Yohannas from Iceland.