Last Night Sanremo Festival has started in Italy as you know Sanremo is one of the oldest and biggest National Finals. As a result they don’t care about Eurovision Fans and they’re right cause Sanremo is a festival not a National Final and actually Eurovision has inspired by Sanremo Music Festival. Only problem about the festival is it doesn’t start or finish on time. And actually Sanremo is a Global Festival and last night Elton John Performed at Sanremo.


We heard the songs for the first time last night. Sanremo has different voting announcement they are announcing first 6 place in random order and last 4 place in random order  as “risky place”. That means we don’t know an first place and everything can change.

First 6 Place (In Random Order)

Lorenzo Fragola

Rocco Hunt



Giovanni Caccamo and Deborah Iorato


Enrico Ruggeri

Risky Spots Last 4 (In Random Order)


Dear Jack

Irene Fornaciari



For more information artists you can read our post from here.