Ruth Lorenzo represented to Spain last year and her song “Dancing in the Rain” became 10th with 74 points. She changed her dress before the Grand Final last year, due to her first choice being too shiny and she gave advices to Edurne via official Twitter account and radio interview…She had to find one in Copenhagen and even though it was supposed to be lent just for the night, a tv programme called Hable Con Ellas got it for her and gave it to her as a present last year, once she was back in Spain after the contest.


Congrats, @Edurnity! Don’t let anyone build wings for you and stick them with superglue. Let your own wings grow. #IBelieveInYou. Rock Vienna!

She talked in a radio interview with words of support for Edurne and she gave her this piece of advice:

“Be yourself and don’t refrain from asking for what you need for your performance in Vienna.”

PS: Big thanks for Sergio Pérez Llanos 🙂