The very last Finnish represantative Sandja talked to MTV3 at ELLE Style Awards about her feeling, plan and inspiration after Eurovision term which is highly dramatically for her.

Even in┬áEurovision season Finnish fans did not treat her nicely, and also she did not see any support that she expected. Despite the all, she did her best to qualify and to fly her country’s flag at grand final in Stockholm. Sandja said for her Eurovision experience: ” My┬átrip to Stockholm was very useful and I learned a lot about music business for example, how everything works for real.”

Sandja said that┬á“Eurovision song contest it self is a huge machine. One always thinks the artist is the main thing but there are so many things behind it. I think the people who are involved in it all the time have a hard time.┬áChanging from a nobody to a worldstar in a moment and for a moment can be hard to anyone”. She added┬á“Krista has helped me a lot how to deal with it all. Especially what happens after Eurovision. She’s been such a support. Our talks got really deep at times”.

Unfortunately she does not think go back to Eurovision again: ┬á“I don’t see it would bring me anything more. I’m happy and grateful I had the opportunity to represant Finland but now it’s time to do my own kind of music and my own stuff”