As Escapenews team we were in Amsterdam too. And we had the chance to interview with the artists in the press center. Here our interview with Sanja Vučić who is representing Serbia this year in Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Goodbye(Shelter)”.


  1. You were in Riga last week How did you find this Eurovision World?
    I haven’t quiet ever had a chance to know the whole Eurovision you know the whole energy it’s involving here and the moment I met most of these people everything became real and so much more fun I’m really grateful for anything happened to me.
  2. Your song has a powerful message and how was the process of the song ?
    The song was written by my favorite artist since I was a little girl. And the message is a major problem It’s not only for me being a women. Domestic violence It’s real and Eurovision song cntest is the best way to show it to show the emotion to show the energy to express yourself in that way so yeah this is a great opportunity not only for me but for the tackling the prolem that is around many many years.
  3. How did you react the song when you first heard it ?
    The second that I heard the song I’ve got attached to it I want it I really want it to invest myself in it I wanted to to get the message through
  4. You are interested in languages ? What inspired you what made you interested in languages ?

Well it’s communicating with people I’m a people person I love interacting with people and best way to do it learn their language. I mean it al became spontaneous I’ve never just said I’m gonna learn language it just happened it’s the best way to connect people and the music of course.

This year’s Serbian representative Sanja Vučić has a message for you to say! @sanjalilwolf

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