Here are the results from the second night of Sanremo. And you can watch amazing Ellie Goulding Performance from here.



Top 6 (In Random Order)


He is the member of the group ┬á“Rapstar” but he has released 4 single albums in 2006, 2011, 2013 and 2015. He is coming with the song┬á“Quando sono lontano” which means “When I’m away” in English and it has written by himself,┬áVincent Stein and Konstantin Scherer.

Annalisa Scarrone

Her album “Nali” reached to the second place and certificated Platinum in 2011 after success she has released 3 more studio albums. She will sing for the third time at Sanremo.┬áShe is┬áreturning with the song “Il diluvio universale” and it means “The great flood” and it has written by Annalisa Scarrone, Diego Calvetti.


Valerio Scanu 

He had already won Sanremo in 2010 with the song┬á“Per tutte le volte che…” He has released 5 studio albums since 2009. He is returning with the song┬á“Finalmente piove” ┬áand it means “It’s finally raining” and it has written by┬áFabrizio Moro.

Francesca Michielin
She was a contestant of X-Factor Italy in 2011 and she was a great artist in 2012 in Sanremo. She is making her debut with the song “Nessun grado di separazione” which means “No degree of separation”. It has written by herself,┬áFederica Abbate, Cheope and Fabio Gargiulo.


Elio e le Storie Tese

They had released ten studio albums. Their current members are┬áStefano Belisari,┬áSergio Conforti,┬áNicola Fasani,┬áDavide Civaschi,┬áChristian Meyer and┬áAntonello Aguzzi. They finished in second place two times in Sanremo in 1996 an 2013. They are┬áreturning with the song “Vincere l’odio” and it means “Beating the hatred” and it has written by Stefano Belisari, Nicola Fasani, Davide Civaschi, Sergio Conforti.


Patty Pravo

She has released 27 studio albums since 1968 and she has reached to the first place 3 times in Italian Charts in 1968, 1973, 1974. She came fifth in Sanremo in 1969 and this will be her sixth appearance in Sanremo. Her son for 2016 is┬á“Cieli immensi” which means “Immense skies” and it has only written by┬áFortunato Zampaglione.


Risky Area Last 4 (In Random Order)

Alessio Bernabei

His song for Sanremo 2016 is “Noi siamo infinito” and it means “We are infinite” and it has written by Ivan Amatucci, Roberto Casalino, Dario Faini.



His song for Sanremo 2016 is “Sogni e nostalgia” and it means “Dreams and nostalgia” and it has written by Giovanni Pellino.



She won the “Newcomers” part in 2003 and this will be her third time as a big artist in Sanremo. She has released five studio albums since 2003. She won three awards in “Venice Music Awards”. Her song for 2016 is┬á“Ora o mai pi├╣ (le cose cambiano)” which means “Now or never (Things change)” and it has written by┬áEmanuela Trane and Alessandro Finazzo.


Zero Assoluto

They have been at Sanremo two times in 2005 and 2007. They have released 4 studio albums.They are┬ácoming with the song “Di me e di te” and it means “About me and you” and it has written by Thomas de Gasperi, Matteo Maffucci, Antonio Filippelli, Luca Vicini.