Last night  it was the third night of Sanremo Music Festival and the first night of cover nights here are the results. You will see the winners who advanced to the second round. And the Winner Of Second Round is Stadio from the fifth group.

First Round

Group One

Winner : Noemi






She was the coach of “The Voice of Italy” in 2013. This will be her second attend to Sanremo first was in 2010 with the song “Per tutta la vita” and it won the Platinum Disk. Her songs name for 2016 is “La borsa di una donna”. She sang the song “Dedicato”.










Group Two

Winner: Clementino

He is the member of the group  “Rapstar” but he has released 4 single albums in 2006, 2011, 2013 and 2015. He is coming with the song “Quando sono lontano” which means “When I’m away” in English and it has written by himself, Vincent Stein and Konstantin Scherer. He will sing the song “Don Raffaè”.

Group Three

Winner: Rocco Hunt

Here we have another winner of “New Comers” part of Sanremo from 2014. He usually sings rap. His song named “Wake Up” for 2016 and it’s the only English Song in this Sanremo 2016 so far. He will sing the song “Tu vuò fà l’americano”.


Group Four

Winner: Valerio Scanu 

He had already won Sanremo in 2010 with the song “Per tutte le volte che…” He has released 5 studio albums since 2009. He is returning with the song “Finalmente piove”  and it means “It’s finally raining” and it has written by Fabrizio Moro. He will sing the song “Io vivrò (senza the)”.

Group Five


They will release their 15th studio album in 2016 they’ve releasing albums since 1982. This will be their fifth attend to Sanremo their result result is 5th in 1999. They are coming with the song “Un giorno mi dirai”. Members of the band are  Giovanni Pezzoli , Roberto Drovandi , Andrea Fornili , Gaetano Curreri . They will sing the son “La sera dei miracoli”.stadio-testocanzone-740x340