We had the opportunity to watch really fantastic show tonight. Our contestants really tried to entertain us the best they could.

Aleksa Jeli─ç performed the first and represented himself with the song “Vodi me” (Take me). The audience reacted great on his performance. Danica Krsti─ç represented herself second with the song “U ime ljubavi” (In the name of love), and we saw Bojana Stamenov’s performance with the song “Ceo svet je moj” at the end. (The Whole World Is Mine). Voting started right after the performances, and we had the opportunity to hear the artist for two times and remind ourselves of the songs. In the mean time, while we waited for the representative to be chosen we could enjoy in the performances of the other artists. So, “Moje 3” performed the song “Molitva” (Prayer) in a bit different way, then we had the opportunity to see performance of Andrea Demirovi─ç with the song “Odlazim” (I’m leaving), and after that Beauty Queens music group performed with the song “Zavet” (Vow). In the mean time voting was over and winner was chosen. With the voices of jury and the audience it was decided that Bojana Stamenov will represent us this year on ESC in Vienna. We congratulate to all contestants of tonight’s show on great performances, and we wish a lot of luck to Bojana in Vienna and we hope for the good results!