Today is on the Serbian national tv “RTS” in the tv show “Nedeljno popodne” chosen the first finalist for the competition on Beovision.

Jury made of four top artists: Vladimir Graić, Leontina Vukomanović, Aleksandar Kobac, and Dragan Ilić made a concourse for the non famous artist earlier this year.

From 300 applied jury chose 10 best competitors who competed today for their place on Beovision. 10 famous composition was performed (from famous singers so they can see the voice abilities of contestants) and jury had a task to choose the best one. Of course that it wasn’t easy at all beside so many talented people. Jury was under the hard decision and that’s why they chose two instead of one competitor. How they said, all competitors showed an extraordinary talent, but these two competitors simply amazed them.

Danica Krstić and Goga Stanić got their place on Beovision. How we discovered, Danica Krstić is 19 years old ethno singer and participation on this type of competition brought her totally new experience, as well as the great honour- possibility to maybe represent her country on ESC.

Jury says that they are aware that only three contestants could compete on Beovision, but they just couldn’t stay cold to the talent of these two artists. How they said, they will have to decide what to do next. And maybe they will make a duet? We’ll see.