Tonight’s TV show had the mission to get us know contestants and their characteristics, and talents better, so they can represent to the audience in the best possible way. Our contestants spoke about what keeps them moving and their wishes but as well about their talents, and interests. They had a task to describe theirselves in a couple words before they performed, so that the audience could get much better impression about them. Competitors just represented theirselves with the songs of other artists, while they will perform their own songs tomorrow evening.

Danica Krstić represented herself first and “opened the show” with her performance. She says for herself that she’s “easily to fell in love” person, that she’s happy and joyful spirit. She fills the most of her free time with song and positive energy. She represented herself to us with the songs “My Number One” by Helena Paparizou and with the song “Jutro” (Morning) by Jelena Tomašević. She said that this tv show made her possible to “try out” in the other music styles beside the traditional, what was hers really big wish. She promised that she’ll give her best to represent us the best she can if she gets the opportunity and if they choose her as representative.

Aleksa Jelić performed second, and he “opened” his tonight’s performance with the song “Nije Ljubav Stvar” by Željko Joksimović and he performed it in his own and recognizable style. He performed “Fairytale” by Alexander Rybak later. He say that he’s a good person, real friend and that he’s reliable. He’s happy that he managed to put dance and music together. He gets his energy from the art and it moves him. He’s happy that he got one more opportunity to represent himself at Beovision.

Bojana Stamenov performed third, and she “opened the evening” (her performance) with one old hit from 1976. She performed “Baj, Baj” (bye, bye) by Bisera Veletanlić. She performed “All about that bass” by Meghan Trainor later. She describes herself as communicative, hard working and she says that she doesn’t like insincerity. The biggest event for her so far was taking part in “Ja imam talenat” (I have the talent). Her wish is to go on the trip around the world. She said that she’s a bit nervous because she’ll sing in Serbian language for the first time, (she usually sings in English), and totally other genre (from what she sings), and she’s even more excited because the song was written just for her.

The composer Vladimir Grajić Graja said that really big spectacle will be prepared for tomorrow and that he made the song by writing them just for our contestants and adjusted them to their voices. But he also added something new in the songs, so he could move “the limits” of the candidates. Candidates are really pleased by the choice of the songs.
And as a surprise of the evening, they decided to show the piece of the atmosphere from studio, as well part of their songs. Based on what we heard, we will expect really interesting evening tomorrow, because the songs are really great.

At the end they chose the order of candidates’ performances, so Aleksa Jelić will perform the first, Danica Krstić the second and Bojana Stamenov will perform third. They “closed” the night with common performance and the performed the song “Princeza” (Princess) by Sladjana Milošević and Dado Topić.

You can watch the final tomorrow from here.