Serbia Got One More Representative Who Will “Fight” For His Place On ESC!



RTS has revealed the third name who will compete on Beovizija 2015.

According to Blic Online; Singer, and ballet dancer Aleksa Jelić was chosen to be one of three candidates who’ll “defend” colours of Serbia on the biggest European music competition. Bojana Stamenov and Danica Krstić will be his competition. Contestant of the first season of “Tvoje lice zvuči poznato” (Your face sounds familiar) tv show- Aleksa Jelić will get his chance to “fight” for trip to Vienna. RTS, Beoton and a composer Vladimir Grajić Graja decided that he’ll sing a “male” song on national competition which will be held in february. Young and perspective singers were “in the game” because every tv station has music competition, so we don’t have the lack of talents. Danijel Pavlović, Bane Mojićević and Davor Jovanović were mentioned, but they won’t go on ESC this year. Aleksa Jelić was chosen among them as the best male candidate. Aleksa confirmed this information himself. “We negotiate at the moment, and you’ll be notified will I compete in the “final race” for ESC in february. I wouldn’t comment anything more- said Jelić, and composer Graja said shortly: “You’ll be notified about everything soon”. The main man from “Beoton” was also sustained. “I left everything about chosing the candidates to Graja. I’ll be the part of it when we choose our representative, but I can say that there will be a lot of surprises. It’s obvious that only the voice isn’t enough for the ESC stage, but also the talent, show, eloquence. For example: we added girls from “Beauty Queens” ( Serbian music group) to Maria, even though they weren’t in plan. It turned out to be a winning combination.- said Mirković”


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