A few days ago, Serbia has announced their representative “ZAA” for Eurovision. And today they released their Eurovision entry at the show which have been organised by their broadcaster RTS, called “Pesma Srbija za Evropu” (Song of Serbia for Europe).

The show hosted by four hosts. First of all the show started with a short edition of last year’s winner performance, Heroes from Mans Zemerlöw. After it, hosts started to talk about the Eurovision history of Yugoslavia and Serbia and afterwards, a video at which the representative of Serbia told her story.

She sang “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Beyoncé firsty and her performance took a big applause from the audience. After it, they have asked her why her surname is “Vučić” because she has the same surname with the Prime Minister of Serbia and they joke.

Then we wached a video about her memories from primary school and her teacher. After that video, she sang an old folk song which called “Preleteše ptice lastavice” for her mother because her mother is a folk music singer. Afterwards, we watched a video which she was talking about the moment when she had a call from national broadcast for Eurovision.

After that video, a member of national broadcast explained at show why they have decided to send her to Eurovision. She said that, after the broadcaster saw her performance at a programme which called “Tri boje zvuka” they decided to send her to Eurovision and we watched a part of her performance from that programme.

After this conversation, they started to talk about her language talent. She started to sing a fado in Portuguese, and she told that she is the student of Arabic language and literature at Belgrade University and she sang a song in Arabic. Afterward she sang an Edith Piaf song in French. At last she sang a song in Italian.

Then we watched a video of the preparation process of this year’s Eurovision song for Serbia. And the composer of the song joined to the show and talked about the song and the language of the song. She told that both of them fits to the song.

Sanja Vučić ZAA has been chosen by the head of delegation internally. They told that they want a new face to introduce and that’s whay they’ve made a decision like this. She is using the name “ZAA” is actually the name of the band which she is a member of it.

You can listen to the song from here: