We were so excited about the decision of Serbia because of their silence untill this day, when we have only two weeks left for the deadline of the song announcements. As the statement which has been made by RTS to our website that the announcement of the Serbian song will be on the 12th of March.

At the first times of Serbia at Eurovision Song Contest, the national broadcast of Serbia, RTS was orginizing the national final which called “Beovizija”. After the financial crisis, Serbia has withdrew from the contest only for one year. Afterwards, RTS started to organise some small national finals like as they organised last year which called “Odbrojavanje za Beč” (Countdown for Vienna).

Bojana Stamenov has won the contest with her song “Ceo svet je moj” (Whole World is Mine) and she has ended up the contest at 10th place in Vienna. And it became the first Serbian act which has performed in English.

Let’s see who will represent Serbia this year, wait for the March 12!