Spain has made a changement on their Eurovision strategy and has decided to execute a national final. Afterwards, it has been announced that 6 acts will be on stage for Objetivo Eurovisión, the national final of Spain. And today, the short editions which are about 30 seconds has been released.

3 of 6 songs are in English, the rest are in Spanish. There is a discution which is actually a contradiction of ethics of Spain and strategies of the contest has started in Spanish public, about the language of the Eurovision Song Contest entry for Spain. Here are the entries:

  1. Xuso JonesVictorious
  2. Salvador BeltranD├şas de alegr├şa (Days of joy)
  3. MaverickUn mundo más feliz (A happier world)
  4. Maria IsabelLa vida s├│lo es una (There’s only one life)
  5. Electric NanaNow
  6. BareSay Yay!

You can listen to the short editions of the candidate songs from here. Full versions of the songs will be released tomorrow after the conference which will be held at 17.00 CET.