Eurovision fans want to be part of Eurovision. They design stages and logos for contest or write songs for participants. I know fan contests about them… Anyway, today we will introduce that lucky fan with you; he is Sietse Bakker! Let’s listen to his songs:He is television event executive at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). He is founder and editor-in-chief of the independent Eurovision Song Contest website

In 2005 he wrote song for Dutch Eurovision National Final  (Nationaal Song Festival) with with Romeo Samuel :

Their song “The Power of an Angel” sang by Mary Amora.

Next year , in 2006, Sietse Bakker took Polish National Eurovision Final with his song “Love is what we all need”. The song sang by Leonie kuizenga :

Both songs became last in national finals… He tells his Eurovision adventure as song writer:

In 2005, Sietse teamed up with Romeo Samuel to write a song for the Dutch selection of the Eurovision Song Contest. The Power of an Angel finished at a respectable last place. In 2006, they took part in the Polish selection with Love is What We All Need. Again, no luck. But fun they had!

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