Simone is known in Denmark for winning “The Stage is Yours” in the category junior singing in 2005. She has participated Dansk Melodi grand Prix in 2010 first time with “How Will I Know”. She came in third place…

Three years later Simone took part in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2013 with “Stay Awake”. She again became 3rd. In 2016 she will be in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix with her song “Heart Shaped Hole”…


interview simone denmark

This year, it’ll be your third time for being on Denmark National Final stage. Before this, you sang “How Will I Know” and “Stay Awake”, and the style of this two songs were totally different. And this year you’ll be on stage also with a different type of song. What do you attribute this?

Well. I got contacted by DR, and was asked if I wanted to participate with this song. When I heard it for the first time, there was no doubt in my mind. This was the beginning of an new adventure. Heart Shaped Hole is a strong song about letting go. That the end, also means a new beginning, where you are stronger and more alive. I think its a song that many people can relate to, so thats also why its important to me.

Did you have a chance to listen to the songs of your competitors? If you did, who is your favourite?

Yes, I´ve heard all the other songs. And I haven’t been able to pick out a favorite, cause I think they all have something special. It´s a strong field this year.


We hope It’ll not happen but if you won’t win the contest again, will you attempt to the national final once again?

One can never know 🙂

 What is your favourite songs from Eurovision history?

My favorite song from the Eurovision history is “Euphoria” with Lorreen. It´s perfect in so many ways.

Are there any surprises which are waiting for us on stage?

A lot, but its a surprise 😉

If you would have a chance to go to Eurovision with any of your song that you have attempted to the national final, which one would you choose to sing on Eurovision stage?

Heart Shaped Hole. The song is so powerful, unique, breathtaking and international.

You attempted at national final in 2010, 2013 and 2016. There were always a three-year-break between your every participation. And this is your third participation so, do you believe in the luck of number 3? Is it your lucky number?

I do and I hope! 🙂


Let’s remember her performance in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2013:

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2016 will be held on 13 February 2016 at the Forum Horsens in Horsens, hosted by Jacob Riising and Annette Heick.