Names which will fight to win has announced and Danica Krstić has been chosen at the programme “Nedeljno Popodne” to race in final. The final round will be held on 15th of February in the show “Odbrojavanje Za Beč” (Countdown For Vienna). And it’s time to choose the representative!

Each contestant will sing a new-composed song by Vladimir Graić, which actually the format has been built on. They matched the songs depend to the harmony of the song and participant’s voice. We’ll listen them live on 15th of February.

On 14th of February, they’ll do their premiers, sing in Serbian and other popular sounds in other languages. They will be on RTS 1 for this.

The song’s-which waits for us for 15th of February-name announced today. Let’s see:

Bojana Stamenov: Ceo Svet Je Moj (All The World Is Mine)

Danica Krstić: U Ime Ljubavi (In The Name Of Love)

Aleksa Jelić: Vodi Me (Take Me)

After a few week later than the opening times of Eurovision season, Bojana Stamenov’s name has been announced as a candidate. After this, Krstić has chosen at “Nedeljno Popodne” and at the end, authorized people announce that last candidate is Aleksa Jelić. Let’s see who will carry the Serbian flag in Vienna.

We’ll publish the link if we reach. But if we won’t, you can search for “RTS 1 Uživo”, you’ll find a live stream from here.

Here is the trailer of the programme:

Source: RTS Vesti