UK has hosted Eurovision’s 60th birthday party. However It was not first party. We have celebrated Eurovision’s 50th year in 2005 in Denmark with “Congratulations: 50 Years of the Eurovision Song Contest” but before? Why did not we celebrate another anniversaries of Eurovision? Today we will talk about Eurovision Song Contest 25th Anniversary program. It is “Songs of Europe”…“Song of Europe” was held in Mysen/Norway on the 22nd of August 1981 by Norwegian television NRK. It was concert format and nearly all Eurovision winners from 1956 to 1981 joined that concert and sang their song live. It was watched by more than 100 million viewers all over Europe. Hosts are Rolf Kirkvaag(Norwegian journalist, and a radio- and TV personality) and Titten Tei (Puppet).The show was two-hour live broadcast in English, German, French, Norwegian and Spanish.

If you want to watch that show here are Part1 and Part2.

Winners are in the show:

1. Lys Assia (winner in 1956) sings “Refrain”

  • Teddy Scholten (1959) was in the show but not performed.

2. Jacqueline Boyer (1960) “Tom Pillibi”

3. Jean-Claude Pascal (1961) “Nos les amoureux”

4. Isabelle Aubret (1962) “Un premier amour”

5. Grethe and Jørgen Ingmann (1963) “Danvise”

6. Udo Jürgens (1966) “Mercie cherie

7. Sandie Shaw (1967) “Puppet on a string”

8. Massiel (1968) “La, la, la…”

9. Lulu (1969) “Boom bang a bang”

10. Lenny Kuhr (1969) “De troubadour”

11. Frida Boccara (1969) “Un jour, un enfant

12. Dana (1970) “All kinds of everything”

13. Severine (1971) “Un banc, un arbre, un rue”

14. Anne-Marie David (1973) “Tu te reconnaitras”

15. Teach-In (1975) “Ding-a-dong”

16. Brotherhood of Man (1976) “Save Your Kisses for Me”

17. Marie Myriam (1977) “L’oiseau et l’enfant”

18. Izhar Cohen & the Alphabeta (1978) “A-Ba-Ni-Bi”

19. Milk and Honey (1979) “Hallelujah”

PS:Gali Atari who sung with Milk and Honey didn’t came to Norway and Lea Lupatin replace her

20. Johnny Logan (1980) “What’s Another Year?”

21. Bucks Fizz (1981) “Making Your Mind Up”