Soraya who has represented Spain in Eurovision Song Contest 2009 performed to a group of unborn babies when their mothers used a small device to broadcast the music to their wombs…

Babypod defines the device: “Babypod is a device that stimulates before birth through music. With Babypod, babies learn to vocalise from the womb.”

It allows mums-to-be to insert a speaker into their vagina to give their unborn child its own personal sound system where it has designed in Spain.


Sorayas has sang for unborn babies All I Want For Christmas Is You and White Christmas. She has said: “I’ve never performed for such a young audience and it’s been a very special day and a very special show.”

Soraya has finished 24th, scoring 23 points with her song “La noche es para mí” (The Night is for Me):