The last position of Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest will not fall on deaf ears. After the different requests by the political parties before the Congress of Deputies in which they asked for explanations on what had happened, a new one is added. The Socialist Party has presented a proposal not of Law on the language with which Spain must go to the Eurovision.

The PSOE urges the Government to manage before the Corporation RTVE a series of rules to select the singer and the song that represents Spain at the Eurovision Festival. In particular, as Europa Press collects , among those conditions is the one that indicates that the letter must be in Castilian, Euskera or Galician.

“It is logical, therefore, to ask about the presence and absence of our four official languages, a common official such as Castilian and three other co-officials, as members of a cultural identity that is, in turn, plural, “said the PSOE , As indicated by the aforementioned medium.

The forced use of English
In addition, the political party in question also emphasizes the use of English in the last songs with which Spain has attended the Festival . “What has to be rethought is the decision of RTVE to operate with rules that allow, in the process of selecting the song that represents Spain, the use of a language that is not one of the official languages ​​in the terms that it collects The Constitution, “says the PSOE.

With this they make it clear that the criterion followed for the songs that are sent are in English is debatable and even obliged, “for being more commercial for the success of the song.” The socialists also stress the cultural message of the festival and that for this reason the presence of one of the country’s identity elements should be maintained : “its official language and co-official languages”.

Source: FormulaTv