From this morning to afternoon Spanish broadcaster RTVE revealed candidates for the National Final and here they are :


Ekran Resmi 2016-12-29 12.15.21

In 2011 on Youtube he reached two million views with his covers and he released his first album “Part I” in 2013. His song written by Andreas Öhrn and Peter Boström.









She made her first stage appearance in 2Ekran Resmi 2016-12-29 12.17.30 1011 her fame started with the song Plan B and her songs Lead The Way and Gimme The Base reached number 1. Earlier this year she released her first album  To Life!. Her song written by herself.








He released his first album “Change ofEkran Resmi 2016-12-29 12.33.07 Plans” in 2012 and he won the “Best Newcomer Award” in an Spanish radio station  called  Cadena Dial. His second album “Reflejos de mi camino” came out this year. His song written by himself and  Miguel Angel Arinas Capi.








She has two albums in the market now and theEkran Resmi 2016-12-29 12.41.10y are “Billete para no volver”  and “Throw The Dice”. This year she performed at the Starlite in Marbella. She usually writes and sings in English and she already wrote song for artists like Edurne and Malu. Hopefully her song wıll be written by herself and Rubén Villanueva.







Ekran Resmi 2016-12-29 19.21.48
He is only 19 years old and he already became a finalist of the Spanish edition of “The Voice”. First he released a single Princesa Descalza then he released his first album. His song written by Juan Magan, Luiggi Olivares and Darling A.Cuevas.









Ekran Resmi 2016-12-29 19.21.36After Nevena Božović and Tolmachevy sisters we have another JESC singer and also she won the JESC 2004. With the song “Antes Muerta Que Sencilla”. She has just released her new album called Yo Decido. Her song written by herself and David Santisteban









Yes! These are the candidates for National Selection of Spain for Eurovision 2016 and hopefully we’ll hear the songs in late January.