These days, in Spain arguments started about which language they should send to Eurovision. Majority of Spain supports English because it is an international language, it can reach so many people easily and they think it is going to make winning easier.

As you know since 2007 a non-english song had never won. Last winning non-english song was Serbian.”Molitva” sang by Marija Šerifović and won the contest with 163 points.

And actually before Molitva Dana International was the bring the last non-english winning to Eurovision in 1998 with the song “Diva”. After EBU allowed to send songs from other languages we had a lot of English songs but there are some countries keep sending in their main languages like France, Portugal, Serbia (until 2015 never sent even one word in English) and Spain.

Which Language Will Spain Send To Eurovision ?

Actually the answer of this question is Literally half-half because 3 out of 6 songs are in English.

Barei and Nana Electric are the ones who chose English.


“Yes, you have to add something in English. And our language is beautiful  but my song is totally in English. I don’t think that listeners can feel the bi-lingual songs.

Nana Electric:

“TVE doesn’t want English songs from us it’s just a wish. My song is totally English and they liked it. They said there should be something in English. But i think that different languages in one song sometimes make the song bad.

On the other hand Maria Isabel thinks on opposite way :

“We’re in Spain and we are representing our country. I think using our own language is the best.

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