Stefan Raab who known as the presenter of Eurovision Song Contest 2011 has┬áannounced that he’s ending his TV career. The German┬árepresentative attented to the contest in 2000.

The famous German presenter, comedian and composer had ended his Eurovision career in 2013.

Stefan has a great role on Lena’s victory in 2010. Many Eurovision fans know Stefan Raab by his wonderful host in D├╝sseldorf with dual Anke&Judith. He is not only a presenter, he is also a composer and comedian.

Germany had determined their artist by a programme called┬á“Stefan Sucht Den Super-Grand-Prix-Star” in 2004. This format was formed by leading of Stefan. At the result┬áMaximilian Mutzke took part in Istanbul.

He also took part on Eurovision stage with song┬á“Wadde hadde dudde da” in the name of Germany. And they got 96 points and they had ended up the contest as fifth.

But his first important experience was in 1998, he wrote and composed the song Guildo Hat Euch Lieb for the German entry Guildo Horn. Guildo has done at 7th place.

We hope the best for Stefan in future life. And thanks for all works.



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