As you know Turkey has not partipate Eurovision Song Contest since 2013 due to cultural and politic reasons. In my opinion all fans are missing last years successful country…

Turkish Broadcaster (TRT) ‘s manager İbrahim Şahin has changed with Şenol Göka. The new manager look very keen to Eurovision. He is answering questions from Turkish fans about Eurovision and giving positive messages.

When will TRT announce decision?
TRT will announce its decision probably on early of September with Türkçevizyon Song Contest which is held in Denizli. Last year TRT has announced decision about Eurovision 2015 in Türkçevizyon’s conference. Türkçevizyon is a kind of Turkish song festival. Denizli hosts every year that festival in Pamukkale Antique Theatre. But this year it is not possible because Türkçevizyon will not take place due to technical problems.

Footnote: Denizli is Şenol Göka’s hometown!

Stockholm is important for Turkish fans:
Stockholm is important for all Turkish fans because Turkey’s Eurovision story has started with Semiha Yankı in there in 1975.

Another importance of Stockholm for Turkish fans is Turkey has finished in top 10 with Turkish-English song Pınar Ayhan’s “Yorgunum Anla”.

Turkey has participated in contest since 1975 and won first time in 2003 with Sertab Erener’s”Everyway that i can”. After that Turkey has became the most successfull countries in contest. Nearly in every year has been in top 5.