The excitement is growing day by day. There are more 38 days for first final. But artitsts don’t waste their time, and they  work for their promos.

The biggest news taken from Vienna of course. Lighting works start at Wiener Stadthalle. No doubt the fans look forward to whole stage’s photos. But you should confine oneself to some of photos from forming work.

Edurne will not be alone on the stage. Giuseppe Di Bella attends to her choreography. It is unknown yet that what is the role of Giuseppe. He dance with Edurne or individual show.

You know Giuseppe Di Bella from last year. He danced with Ruth in the rain passionately on the Ruth’s video clip and also Tv show. Now we wonder about the Edurne’s show.


Some rumors tip off about Maraaya’s dress which will be worn in Vienna. The dress is white as national final dress but it haven’t designed yet. Maraaya said something that her dress but this news deny the her statement.

Maraaya had worn the Tinkara Kovac’s dress and said that “This dress brought Slovenia to finals and was seen by millions of people so this can be our advantage. Can’t wait to perform!”

Azerbaijan: Elnur’s promo tour has started

After seven year Elnur will be on the stage for Azerbaijan with his song Hour of The Wolf. Azerbaijani fans hope for Elnur’s victory, ans also Elnur too. So he works for his promo. Hes has a long promo tour that includes  Riga – Budapest – Amsterdam – Moscow.
He sang his song live yesterday in Riga. (Pre-Party)




Riga was host for Pre-Party. Eight newcomer eurovision artists took part on the night and also two experienced artists sang their song.


Georgia – Nina Sublatti
Latvia – Aminata
Lithuania – Monika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila
Poland – Monika Kuszyńska
Switzerland – Mélanie René
United Kingdom – Electro Velvet
Azerbaijan – Elnur Huseynov
Moldova – Eduard Romanyuta

They sang their song with live performance and applaused for a long time.



Zlata and Eldar was special guest for the night. They song their eurovision song and did a duet for their song “Ice&Fire” And Alexandre Rybak too. He joined the party with his lovely songs.


On the other hand the postcards are prepared for the Vienna. This year have a different consept in postcards. The photos which come from postcard shoting make sensation.