No doubt finding the right partner to work for Eurovision is the most important thing and SVT has selected their partner for Eurovision 2016. It’s Ingo. INGO is an advertising agency in Stockholm. The project includes the conceptual expression and visual mannerisms of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016…According to Ingo: “INGO is an advertising agency in Stockholm. We are part of Ogilvy and Grey Worldwide.”. It has established in 2011 in Stockholm and today SVT has announced that work with Ingo for Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

In 2015: “PKP BBDO” and in 2014: Sparkstudios were advertising agencies for Eurovision.

Björn Ståhl who is creative director of Ingo:

“We really wanted to win it because Eurovision is an honor for us and it’s funny! We will work with SVT, it’s exciting!”

To sum up Ingo  will design logo, motto, consept … everything related with Eurovision this year!

Here are some custumers of Ingo (Click here for reach cases):

Source: Dagens Media