Sweden Is So Glad For Results Of Draw


Bild på Christer Björkman, som följde lottningen av Eurovision Song Contest 2015 på plats i Wien.

This year Sweden will be in in the second semi-final and Swedish Head of Delegation Christer Björkman is really satisfied this situation. He shared his ideas and first impressions from Vienna …Swedish Head of Delegation Christer Björkman was in Vienna few days ago for allocation and insignia exchange. Firstly he said:

“Could not be much better. It could not be much better. We do not have to meet many of the giants that typically send strong contributions, such as Russia”

And he told his first impressions from Vienna:

“They are very serious and professional but pretty easy going. It’s a little Germany lite”, they have structure but not the heavy gravity. The atmosphere is relaxed, lovely, positive, and they are extremely proud to host the Eurovision Song Contest. I think it will be fantastic weeks in May”

Last year Sweden is represented by Sanna. She became 3rd. Let’s remember:

Source: SVT

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