Swiss ESC Song Stolen From Beyoncé?


Mélanie René, the Swiss representative is being accused of having copied a song by Beyoncé. A Swiss newspaper reported that the similiarities between René’s “Time to Shine” and Beyonce’s …“Run the World” were unmistakable, referring to a comparing video on youtube which has been deleted by now. The “Schweiz am Sonntag” (Swiss newspaper) confronted Beyonce’s management with the accusations of plagiarism. They stated that they have never heard of the Swiss singer, but they’d take everyone to court who would try to copy Beyonce’s music or ideas. SFR-spokesperson Eva Wismer doesn’t seem impressed and stated the song was an original composition by Mélanie René, disqualifying her was not up to debate. René’s Label “Believe Music” has now ordered to delete the comparing video from Youtube – not without a reason: for someone who listens to both songs for the first time, it may be difficult to hear similarities, especially because “getting inspired by a song” is something very common in the music industry. This should be no news for Beyonce, who has often accused been of having stolen music of choreographies herself.

Mélanie René, “Time to Shine”

Beyoncé, “Run the World”


Mélanie René, “Time to Shine” (Live from Swiss Final)

Translation: Rene von Kosak

Source: werbewoche


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