Eurovision-2014 switzerlnd

Tonight is the night in Switzerland! Switzerland have 6 songs competing for the trophy. After all songs have been performed, the 6 entrants will sing well-known songs (not from Eurovision, but outside Eurovision). You can watch it here!

The competing entrants is:

1 Deborah Bough “Take Me Back to 23” Deborah Bough
2 Timebelle “Singing About Love” Mihai Alexandru, Andrada Ioana
3 Licia Chery “Fly” Léticia Andris
4 Andy McSean “Hey Now” Andy Stadelmann
5 Mélanie René “Time to Shine” Mélanie René
6 Tiziana “Only Human” Jesse Singer, Nick Banns, Chris Soper, Will Knox, Shayna Zaid