Despite no official announcement by NTU,  Tatyana Reshetnyak has revealed that she will perform the song written by Max Barskih at Ukrainian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Tatyana Reshetnyak will appear on the stage of Ukrainian national selection for the Eurovision show contest under the name TAYANNA that conveys a new chapter of her creative work. ÔÇťI want to start this journey with a new stage name given to me by Alan Badoev. I do believe in my victory. I do believe in representing my country in the right wayÔÇŁ, – TAYANNA says.
TAYANNA will participate in the national selection with a song ÔÇťI Love YouÔÇŁ, an evolved version of ÔÇťAutumnÔÇŁ from her debut EP ÔÇťTAYANNA: PortraitsÔÇŁ. The new version was created in collaboration with Max Barskih, who did sound production, co-wrote music and wrote English lyrics as well.

ÔÇťI really hope that the song ÔÇťI Love YouÔÇŁ will awake an echo in womenÔÇÖs hearts all over the world. This piece is my private story but it is also familiar to all of us. DonÔÇÖt let the melancholic memories let you down, whatever it takes! You have to move on, stay strong and bring love to the world!ÔÇŁ, – TAYANNA reveals.


TAYANNA ÔÇô┬áPortraits