There is a big rumour about the hosts of Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna, even they haven’t give any statement.

While we’re getting a lot of Eurovision news those days, the information that heard from ORF’s surroundings, Alicia Tumler amd Andi Knoll couple is the biggest candidate to be the hosts of Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. This couple hosted a programme named “The Grosse Chance” in 2013 together. ORF seems to make a statement about this rumours at the middle of December.

First comments about 35 year-old Alice Tumler and 42 year-old Andi Knoll is positive. It seems to be a good choice if they’ll chosen. They able to host in four different languages and they have so different projects in their hosting careers so they have more advantages than others. Eventhough two of them are well-known in Austria, Andi Knoll is more well-known in Eurovision community. Because Knoll is Austria’s commentator since 1999 and headship of delegation of Austria since 2002. Also he hosted Eurovision Young Dancers in 2007.

We’re all waiting ORF to make a statement about it.