As you know after EBU’s (European Broadcasting Union) new voting system reveal some fans asked the question “Will Turkey return to contest?”.

This afternoon our editor talked with the General Manager of TRT (Turkish National Broadcaster) and he asked about Turkey’s participation in 2017 and he asked “Yesterday EBU Changed the voting system of Eurovision Song Contest do you have any thoughts about the new voting system?”

And he answered as :” No, I don’t. Because they didn’t do what we have requested from them.” our editor continued as “So we’re not retuning to the contest ?” and he answered it in a way that we all don’t want to hear “No, we’re not returning to the contest.” and his voice like we won’t see Turkey for really long years.

Turkey has withdrawn from the contest in 2013 their last attendance was in 2012. Can Bonomo represented with the song “Love Me Back.” in Baku Azerbaijan.