Austrian fans have chose their artist with national final “Wer singt f├╝r ├ľsterreich?”.
According to international jury votes and televotes,The Makemakes will represent the host country her/his song I Am Yours in Vienna.

Results of first tour:
Ekran Al─▒nt─▒s─▒Total
Superfinal: The Makemakes & DAWA

Ekran Al─▒nt─▒s─▒
Winner performance:



All artists ang their songs :

Folkshilfe –┬áWho You Are

Zoe – Quel filou

Dawa – Feel Alive

Celina Ann – Utopia

Johann Sebastian Bass –┬áAbsolutio

The Makemakes –┬áI Am Yours


All videos are from 3rd Show.