The Makemakers will represent Austria in Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna. They will be directly in grand final with their song “I Am Yours” and they have began concerts! Their promo tour starts with Hungary…Exactly one month before the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 they give concert in Vienna on 23th April.

01.04: Budapest
09.04: Moscow
10.04: ((Stereo)),Klagenfurt
12.04: Generalmusicdirektion,Graz
14.04: Weekender,Innsbruck
15.04: Rockhouse,Salzburg
16.04: Cracow
18.04: Amsterdam
21.04: Belgrade
23.04: WUK,Vienna
24.04: Rathaussal,Telfs
26.04: London
29.04: Bucharest
05.05: Prague
09.05: Tallinn