The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, RIK, has announced the rock band  Minus One to perform in the name of Cyprus.

This year the Cypriot broadcaster  has chosen to representative for their country in the internal selection way, and the announcement says us the artist(s) is Minus One!

The rock band Minus One have been taking stages in Cyprus or abroad for 16 years. After this internal decision, they will be adding some memories in their diaries, in Stockhom/ May.


Actually this band have already wanted to represent Cyprus. They applied the national final to perform in Vienna with song Shine, also they reached the final selection phase of the national selection. But John Karayiannis won the national final and represented Cyprus in Austria.

Also the rock band will work together for their entry with popular&successful Swedish composer Thomas G:son and it will be presented when it’s ready. It’s estimated the song will be in English.

As you now, the Swedish musician Thomas G:son ┬ácontributes many Eurovision entries such as Euphoria, Amanecer, Warrior (2015 Georgia),┬áQu├ędate conmigo. So Cypriot fans are looking forward to listen for their next year entry.


We prepared the report for Cyprus, and think about the effect of the selection process to determine its artists on their Eurovision┬áachievement…

2005 –┬áConstantinos Christoforou (Internal Selection)
18nd in the Grand Final with 46 points

2006 –┬áAnnet Artani (National Final)
15th in the Semi Final with 57 points

2007 – Evridiki (Internal Selection)
15th in the Semi Final with 65 points

2008 –┬áEvdokia Kadi (National Final)
15th in the Semi-Final (2) with 36 points

2009 –┬áChristina Metaxa (National Final)
14th in the Semi-Final (2) with 32 points

2010 –┬áJon Lilygreen & The Islanders (National Final)
10th in the Semi-Final (2) with 67 points
21st in the Final with 27 points

2011 –┬áChristos Mylordos (National Final)
18th in the Semi-Final (2) with 16 points

2012 – Ivi Adamou┬á┬á(Internal Selection)
7th in the Semi-Final (1) with 91 points
16th in the Grand Final with 65 points

2013 –┬áDespina Olympiou┬á(Internal Selection)
15th in the Semi-Final (1) with 11 points

2014 – X

2015 –┬áJohn Karayiannis (National Final)
6th in the Second Semi-Final with 87 points
22nd in the Grand Final with 11 points