The biggest national final Melodifestivalen, which takes places in Sweden to determine its represantative in every year, will be hosted by the trio that are composed a blogger and two pre-participants of Melodifestivalen. 

The official broadcaster SVT has presented the host of this year.┬áHasse “Kvinnab├Âske” Andersson, Clara Henry and David Lindgren contributes to this year’s shows that┬ásemi-finals will be held at the Scandinavium in Gothenburg (4 February), the Malm├ Arena in Malm├ (11 February), the Vida Arena in V├Ąxj├ (18 February) and the Skellefte├ą Kraft Arena in Skellefte├ą (25 February).[2] The Second Chance round will take place at the Saab Arena in Link├Âping on 4 March while the final will be held at the Friends Arena in Stockholm on 11 March.

These names have already appeared on this event.┬á. Hasse Kvinnab├Âske Andersson came 4th in Melodifestivalen 2015 with “Guld och Gr├Âna skogar”. David Lindgrenbecame famous in TV program Talang and competed in Melodifestivalen 2016 with “We are Your Tomorrow”. Clara Henry is blogger and Youtuber, she was hostess of Melodifestivalen F├Âr- and Eftersnack programs and created humour elements for Melodifestivalen 2014.

Previous hosts by years 

2016: Gina Dirawi med g├Ąstprogramledarna Petra Mede, Henrik Schyffert, Sarah Dawn Finer, Peter J├Âback, Ola Salo och William Spetz.
2015: Robin Paulsson och Sanna Nielsen
2014: Nour El Refai och Anders Jansson
2013: Gina Dirawi och Danny Saucedo
2012: Sarah Dawn Finer, Helena Bergstr├Âm och Gina Dirawi
2011: Marie Serneholt och Rickard Olsson
2010: M├ąns Zelmerl├Âw, Dolph Lundgren och Christine Meltzer
2009: Petra Mede
2008: Kristian Luuk
2007: Kristian Luuk