belgium-loic-nottet-rhythm-insideThis year many artists had performed on several TV programs.
For example, Nadav Guedj has chosen by a talent show called HaKokhav HaBa for Israel,
But the most popular TV show is “The Voice” format. Three artists who had represented their countries in Vienna, had joined the regional formats of “The Voice” before. These names are Loïc Nottet (Belgium), Elhaida Dani (Albania) and Elnur Huseynov (Azerbaijan).

Elhaida Dani who is still alive, had performed on “The Voice of Italy”, and won the show with over 70% of the public vote.

Elnur Huseynov who wouldn’t sleep that night, has attented to “The Voice of Turkey” on last winter. At the first tour, he qualified through the second tour of the contest and he had continued to qualify tour by tour in that season. At the end, he succeeded winning the contest.
Even though Loic Nottet who was going to rapapab that night, couldn’t be the winner of “The Voice of Belgique” (he had became 2nd), he was definitely more successful in Vienna than the other singers in this story. Thus, we award him as giving the adjective: “Loic Nottet The Voice”!