In 1959 capital of festivals -Cannes- hosted Eurovision 1959 and The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès (it hosted Cannes Film Festival 1949) selected as a venue. The Netherlands reached second victory with Teddy Scholten’s Een beetje”

Franck Pourcel (French conductor) conducted 6 countries (France, Monaco, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland) orchestra.

Presenter of Eurovision 1959: Jacqueline Joubert


After voting Teddy Scholten Een beetje”  (A little bit) won the contest with 21 points.

After Teddy’s victory


About Teddy Scholten

She was invited by the Coca-Cola to perform at a show in the USA in 1950. She was one of the first popular music artist to perform in the United States. After that she represented her country in 1959 and won Eurovision 1959. She died on 8 April 2010.

Teddy Scholten Een beetje” :

The UK finished second for the first time with Eurovision classic “Sing, Little Birdie” was sang by Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson (English husband-and-wife team).

Watch Eurovision Song Contest 1959: