Second Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 is just hours away before kick off  at  Expo Tel Aviv. This year, total of 41 countries are taking part in the contest and 18 of them are in the Second Semi Final to get the Grand Final ticket. 

With the victory of Netta and her song Toy last year, Israel’s 4th victory, Tel Aviv deserved the host the upcoming contest in 2019.

10 of the 18 countries will have a chance to perform on  Saturday. Finalists will be qualified according to the Televoting and Jury votes.

the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and host country Israel will directly be in the Grand Final. But those countries have righr to vote in the semi finals. Germany, the UK and Italy will vote and present their songs in this semi final.

With the Grand Final of May the 18th, we will know this year’s winner and the host country of Eurovision 2020.

64th Eurovision Song Contest ‘ 2nd Semi Final can be watched here from 21.00 CET.

These are the countries who will participate tonight’s Second Semi Final:

1  Armenia Srbuk “Walking Out”
2  Ireland Sarah McTernan “22”
3  Moldova Anna Odobescu “Stay”
4  Switzerland Luca Hänni “She Got Me”
5  Latvia Carousel “That Night”
6  Romania Ester Peony “On a Sunday”
7  Denmark Leonora “Love is Forever”
8  Sweden John Lundvik “Too Late for Love”
9  Austria Paenda “Limits”
10  Croatia Roko Blažević “The Dream”
11  Malta Michela Pace “Chameleon”
12  Lithuania Jurijus “Run with the Lions”
13  Russia Sergey Lazarev “Scream”
14  Albania Jonida Maliqi “Ktheju tokës”
15  Norway KEiiNO “Spirit in the Sky”
16  Netherlands Duncan Laurence “Arcade”
17  North  Macedonia Tamara Todevska “Proud”
18  Azerbaijan Chingiz “Truth”