Turkish broadcaster TRT, withdrew from the competition  due to rules in 2012. After 2008 50% Jury and 50% Televoting system were started instead of 100% Televoting. Turkey has a large diaspora in Western European countries. This added to Turkish advantage in the competition. TRT took a negative attitude towards this system.

After 2008, TRT continued to participate in the contest. In 2011, Turkey didn’t qualified for the grand final for the first time. The host country was Azerbaijan in 2012, TRT participated the competition and represented by Can Bonomo.

TRT, withdrew from the competition in 2013 in Malmö,Sweden and still has not returned.

TRT Return To The Contest?

So far, no official statement has been announced by TRT, But obviously, Turkey will not confirm the participation in the competition this year. Last year, the statement was release by TRT general secretary İbrahim Eren. ”As a public broadcaster(TRT), I cannot broadcast Conchita Wurst, an Austrian winner who does not accept gender. We cannot broadcast at 9 p.m. which is watched by children.”

This year, in the opening of the 1st semi final, Dana International’s show covered by Bruno Mars That’s the Way You Are was contain LGBT. We think for the same reasons, TRT will not return to the competition.