Turkey will select its 13th president in the upcoming elections which is going to be held on this Sunday…

5 candidates of 6, are criticizing TRT for its unfair broadcastings. TRT is being accused by not showing 5 opponents as much as the current president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. But raddest one about TRT is Meral Akşener, president and presidential candidate of IYI Party.

These are the promises of Akşener about TRT;

“I will sell TRT which is a trouble for our people. We -as people- pay for it yet it doesn’t even show our rallies. It’s unacceptable. I will be privatized TRT to make sure the people working for it don’t use our moneys for their own business.”

It’s important to note that both the candidate of CHP, Muharrem Ince and the candidate of IYI Party, Meral Akşener will not give their speeches on TRT. In Turkey it’s a tradition that every candidate and the presidents of the political parties giving speeches on the state channel TRT.

It’s still uncertain if Turkey will come back to Eurovision, but even if happens it is certain that we will see lots of changes in case of a change in leadership of Turkey.